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I am Viktoria, a physiotherapist specialized in developing body awareness through movement. I teach my clients to listen and train their bodies in order to correct and prevent physical pain.

I want to help you improve your health and your mood, make you aware of your body sensations so you can feel happier. After all, how can you feel good if your shoulder, back, or any other body part hurts constantly? Remember that feeling, being able to play sports without worrying about pain in your (injured) knee, playing with your children and moving freely, or washing your back without your shoulder hurting anymore.

Improve your life!
Viktoria PhysioViktoria Physio
Steps to improve

My work style

Know your body


During the first session we will discover your current condition and define your goals.

Analyzing the data


A personalized work plan to achieve your goals.

Work on the plan

Let's go training!

We will work out by using a personalized combination of methods.

In constant renewal

Necessary adjustments

We reevaluate the situation and make any adjustments to the plan you may need.

How to improve your life

My field

Sobre mi fisioterapia

I am licensed (certified) in physical therapy at the University of Almería. After observing a group of Pilates where I taught for 2 years in a row I was impressed. They had learned so much with the classes and the advices I gave them. They had their tool to control their body in a better way.

I care for how people feel and how they function. Treating the patient is so different from treating the disease. Today’s healthcare system can make us feel like we are just a number. I want to make a difference and educate people, give them the necessary knowledge to control their physical health. As J. Pilates said, it is the first requirement for happiness.

Although new techniques and training systems are created every day, good posture is still the basis for physical health.

Método Pilates

Pilates method helps you transform your body and your mind. When I learned the basic principles of Pilates my way of conceiving movement changed. It may sound like an exaggeration, but that was exactly how I felt. My movement patterns changed, and I became aware of the harmful postures for my body. My breathing was wrong. I could feel that my deep muscles were weak.

The effect on my body that Pilates and the SGA method had will last a lifetime. It is already a part of my movements. Thanks to my trainings I automatize this way of moving more and more each day. I remind my body how it should move.

Método SGA

I invite you to discover the SGA method, which stands for Stretching Global Active. I want to pass on my knowledge so you can feel the benefits by yourself. SGA exercises are conceived to facilitate postural correction outside the physiotherapy sessions. They can be learned in groups or individually.

The SGA method combines stretching postures, smooth and active muscle contractions, attention and care to each joint. Focused on controlled breathing cycles.

Sobre mí - talleres

You can book a workshop for your group of friends or for your company. I organize workshops where you can learn correct breathing, body awareness (FNP stretching, among others). Check for available workshops! If you are curious to know what this practice can bring to your life, feel free contact me. I will be delighted to assist you.

I go to your company facilities to teach weekly classes, sporadic workshops, or physiotherapy. We can also organize health day with different workshops throughout the day. This way you offer workers the possibility to save time, improve their health and educate them to prevent future problems.

  • 2011-2015 Degree in Physiotherapy. University of Almería.
  • 2016 Therapeutic exercise and motor control based on the Pilates mat method, SNAE Málaga.
  • 2019 Stretching Global Actif, Institute of Global Therapies, Bilbao.
  • 2019 Therapeutic Pilates during Pregnancy and the Importance of the assessment in the Pelvic Floor, I.C.P.F.A., Seville.
  • 2020 Anamnesis and interpretation of analytics for Physiotherapist, I.C.P.F.A., Almería.
Viktoria formación
  • 2019 Stott Pilates Principles Webinar.
  • 2019 Dynamic neuromyofascial chains Workshop. Knee module. Fisiodocent, Fuengirola.
  • 2019 Pelvic Floor Workshop. Fisiodocent, Fuengirola.
  • 2019 Neuromuscular Control of the Coxo-Lumbo-Pelvic Complex. Provincial group Colfisio Málaga.
  • 2019 Therapeutic exercise after breast cancer. Provincial group Colfisio Málaga.
  • 2020 Therapeutic Exercise in Suspension with Swing: PhysioFlying. Provincial group Colfisio Málaga.
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