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Physiotherapy offers a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative to treat multiple ailments, both acute and chronic. Techniques as therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, manual techniques and electrotherapy can be used.

The main physiotherapist’s goal is to restore functionality to one’s body.

Physiotherapy (from the Greek φυσις physis, ‘nature’, and θεραπεία therapéia, ‘treatment’) is much more than just lying on the massage table, waiting to be cured and ending up covered in lotion. In acute cases, a treatment based more on manual techniques may be necessary to speed up tissue recovery. But what we do the rest of the time on a day to day basis is very important. That’s what will define your recovery from injury.

Remember, physical therapy goes beyond receiving a massage while lying on a table.

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Active physiotherapy

Active physiotherapy treatment consists of detecting and correcting incorrect movement patterns that predispose you to injury and pain.

A physiotherapist helps restore functionality. It is your responsibility to participate in that work.

Above all, in chronic injuries, you must actively participate in your health and be aware that your actions are very important. This method helps you discover, correct as much as possible or counteract the causes and actions that lead to your injuries.

My passion is therapeutic exercises such as Pilates, SGA stretching and motor control among others. I combine work on the mat with work on the massage table.

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I am a physical therapist specialized in developing body awareness through movement

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How we work

Physiotherapist Málaga

If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Malaga, Fuengirola or Marbella, feel free to contact me. Physical therapists work at hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, both in primary care and in specialized medicine. We also practice freely at day centers, associations, sports clubs, gyms and at home.

Through the World Confederation for Physical Therapy you can learn more about the work of a physiotherapist. What’s more, (active) physical therapy offers many advantages:


Allows the patient to learn about their condition and make changes to improve it.


Reinforces changes that are taking place and erase wrong movement patterns.


More effective in medium to long-term, it reduces pain recurrence and its chronification.

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Reverses changes caused in our sensations by chronic pain. The body recognizes its new mobility.


Improves symptoms of other diseaes such as diabetes, hypertension or overwight. Improves the state of pregnancy.


Helps you understand the factors influencing your condition.


Benefits of active physiotherapy

There are more benefits of active physiotherapy than you might imagine! Used techniques, methods and exercises positively influence our health in many ways.

  1. Long term changes in your body.
  2. Improvement and prevention of injuries, mainly back problems.
  3. Correction of bad postural habits.
  4. A way to take care of your health and be independent.
  5. Avoid future relapses and secondary injuries.
  6. Reduce your fatigue, stress and depression.

Your body is the only one you’ll ever have. It has an incredible ability to recover and repair itself. But you need to be actively involved to achieve the necessary changes.

Beneficios de la fisioterapia


Massages (well-known to everyone) and manual techniques are very useful tools to achieve improvements in the body. However, we must not forget that there are other techniques used in physical therapy.

This form of treatment can be used separately or altogether with other techniques.

Within manual therapies, I prefer working the diaphragm, soft tissue, massage, kinesiotaping, trigger points, and neuromuscular facilitation.

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