Stretching Global Active



Stretching Global Active

SGA, or Stretching Global Active provides a new and global way of performing stretching. It puts correction of all body segments above a selective elasticity of some joints that can neglect other areas.

Its active nature (it is the each patient who controls their posture and intensity of the contractions requested) prevents risks and increases the efficiency compared to classical stretching performed passively or assisted.

SGA is born from Global Postural Reeducation (RPG), a revolutionary method of physiotherapy created by Philippe Souchard, which consists of Therapeutic Posture Exercises and focuses on stretching soft tissues in order to gain flexibility, muscular tonus balance and eliminate unnecessary tension.

Stretches suggested by the SGA offer important innovations compared to traditional stretching because of the gentle muscle contractions that accompany them, the special attention to joints and the constant participation of breathing.

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SGA method

The SGA method restores the elasticity and flexibility lost by NOT maintaining correct postural habits or exercising without working flexibility.

Inappropriate / deficient habits in daily life decrease the length of the tonic muscles. Those ones give stability to the body both to maintain posture and to move.

A stiff muscle that has lost flexibility loses strength. For this reason, a rigid muscle weakens us. We must gain flexibility before strengthening.

85% population suffer from stiffness, pain and muscle shortening due to bad habits. 80% of people will suffer back pain at some point in their lives. This method goal is to take care of our body to prevent this from happening!

Elasticity is one of the bases of proper body function, just as important as strength, endurance or balance.

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SGA benefits

What are the benefits of SGA? Global stretching brings us all these improvements in our daily life.

  1. Reduces hypertonia and muscle stress (stiffness and shortening), thus improve elasticity and active muscle strength.
  2. Reduces joint compression so it improves the flexibility.
  3. Improves breathing capacity.
  4. Respect your limits, so the improvement is progressive with no age limitation.
  5. Helps to correct your posture and maintain good habits.
  6. Corrects and improves our structural morphology.
  7. Prevents us from future injuries.
Beneficios SGA

SGA principles

principios del SGA

Let’s take a quick look at SGA principles:

  1. Muscles are organized by chains. If we stretch one muscle, another muscle of the chain is shortened.
  2. Each muscle creates movement in several directions. We must stretch opposite to all of them.
  3. Slowly and without warming up. Always cold.
  4. Active and global: Stretch and strengthen, isometric contractions in increasingly eccentric positions.
  5. Body-mind adjustment. Re-educate your breathing. Which is influenced by thought and emotions.
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It's time to improve your life!

I am a physical therapist specialized in developing body awareness through movement.

Would you like to know more?

SGA classes

SGA classes are a perfect choice if you have been inactive for a long time, if you are always tired or in pain. Also, in cases when you start attending the gym and you want to prevent injuries. Your body became rigid and you need to balance it before you start any sport.

My SGA / back school classes are organized as an 8 lesson course. It can be focused on office workers. Also as prevention for athletes who never stretch and have repeated injuries. For people who does not do any sports as a way to rebalance the body and start playing sports. Also for pregnant women.

In addition, I teach correct breathing (learn the mistakes and benefits of proper breathing and how you can work on it at home), in particular nasal diaphragmatic breathing. Identify the three types of breathing and what each one is for. Neither is bad if used in the right situation. For smokers, people who work in sitting positions. Also for stress and anxiety management.


SGA Málaga

If you are looking for SGA classes in Malaga, feel free to contact me. Body awareness and the control of one’s posture both statically and dynamically, is essential. That is one of the fundamental aspects of the prevention of musculoskeletal diseases and the maintenance of health in general.

We usually dedicate a lot of attention, time and care to the superficial aspects of our body: the skin, the face, the hair, the nails. On the other hand, we tend to neglect the less visible but fundamental aspects of our body health and well-being. Aspects like diet, rest, physical condition, or you back are important. It is these factors that will eventually define our body structure and our physical appearance.

In fact, our body speaks to us, warning us of its state: tiredness, tension, rigidity… When we do not know or do not want to listen to it, it screams at us in the form of more alarming symptoms: pain, cramps, tingling, etc. And this is when we start to pay the attention it deserves.

Remember that you can also follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn and discover new exercises and tips to improve your posture and breathing. It is time to improve your physical and mental health!

I am a physical therapist specialized in SGA and Pilates. If you have any injury or think you may have it, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.