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Change incorrect movement patterns to prevent or heal injuries

Viktoria home pilates


Improve your physical health, increase your control and concentration capacity

Viktoria home SGA


An innovative method of stretching. Prioritize the active stretching of connective tissue

Physiotherapy, Pilates, SGA

You choose where and how you train!

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Train at home

You can train at home, in your building’s gym, outdoors in a park or garden near your home or work.

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We bring the equipment

We make sure to bring all the basic equipment you may need for your training sessions.

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A plan just for you

A careful combination of different methods will help you to achieve your goals. Say goodbye to back pain and improve your life!

What are the advantages?

Services for your business

Take care of your employees’ health! Learn more about my services.

Less absenteeism

Decrease in costs due to work absenteeism.

Higher productivity

Greater worker efficiency and fewer errors. More production.

Time optimization

Minimize employee travel to medical appointments.

Corporate image

Improves the image of the company and the work environment.



Body awareness through Pilates

Know, feel and practice the basics of Pilates.

  • The performance and technique in your sports practice will improve.
  • The quality of your movements and the way you use your body will improve.
  • You will practice the exercises to feel and automate the concepts.

Conscious breathing

Improve vitality and feel better.

  • Release muscular and mental tension through breathing.
  • Learn the different types of breathing and for what they are useful.
  • Optimize oxygenation, circulation and digestion through breathing exercises.

FNP stretches

A workshop on how to stretch your body in the most effective way. Elongation + contraction at the same time.

  • You will learn about PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation).
  • You will improve power and muscle strength as you stretch.
  • You will learn exercises to stretch the most important muscles of your body.

Back pain and exercise

Anticipate the pain.

  • You will know your back in a new and different way.
  • You will learn about the main causes of discomfort.
  • You will discover exercises and tips to avoid problems.

Healthy neck and shoulders

Learn to take care of your neck!

  • You will know your neck and the main causes of overload.
  • You will receive tips to avoid the most common problems.
  • You will understand the influence of other parts of your body on neck health.

CORE work

Beyond abs.

  • Learn about the CORE and its importance.
  • Train your abdomen more effectively to be strong and healthy.
  • Provide stability and protection to your spine.

Guided relaxation

Let go of the feeling of tiredness!

  • Jacobson’s relaxation technique.
  • Autogenic training by Schultz.

Through these techniques we pay attention to our body and the sensations we have, to create awareness, reduce muscle tension and stress.

Postural habits and ergonomics

Ergonomics: the posture for good health.

  • You will analyze your standing posture, footwear and your stabiliyty.
  • You will discover your way of walking and how it influences the state of your body.
  • You will learn the most effective way to sit
  • You will learn tips for sleeping and common mistakes.

How can I help you?

It's time to improve your life!